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Dacor Parts

You can't afford to stop working just because your Dacor appliance has, nor can you wait weeks for an expensive repair visit. You need a Canadian solution, at a great price, in your hands within days. That's us, that's Easy. We have original Dacor repair parts ready for same-day shipping within Canada. With no duty, customs charges or international shipping delays, you get high quality genuine Dacor parts quickly, and with a 30 day no hassle return policy. After that? We back all our original parts with a full 1 year warranty and a gold-medal winning customer service team. Part of our commitment to quality is providing you with a truly Canadian shopping experience that features the industry's best privacy protection, and secure shopping guarantees. To get started, enter your Canadian or international model number into our Easy search, or have a look at our free Repair Guide to see how we make every Dacor repair, an Easy one.