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My dryer is taking too long to dry my clothes.

Investigate these four areas if your dryer is taking too long to dry your clothes:

Typical dryer lint filter Lint Trap

Your dryer's lint filter should be cleaned after each and every use. If too much lint accumulates, the dryer's drying time could be significantly increased. Also, the less lint there is on your filter, the more efficient your dryer runs. Remove the lint filter from your dryer after each use and clean it off. Discard accumulated lint. Should your lint filter become torn or damaged, you should replace it with a new one.

Typical dryer venting kit Air Flow/Venting Hose

A dryer's drying time is largely related to the flow of air through the machine and the condition of the venting hose. If air is impeded in its pathway out of the dryer, or if there is a blockage in the venting hose, it could reduce the rate at which clothes are drying in your dryer.

Common dryer heating element Heating Element

A dryer whose heating element is partially or completely burned out will definitely prolong a dryer's drying time. Open up your dryer's cabinet and locate its heating element. Test the element, and if it is no longer functioning as it should, you will have to replace it.

Typical dryer thermostat Thermostats

It is less likely, but it is possible that your clothes are taking so long to dry because of a faulty thermostat. Open up you dryer and test each of your dryer's thermostats. If any are not functioning properly, they will have to be replaced.