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Every model has its own, specific solutions. If you go to a car mechanic they'll need to know the exact make and model of your car to find the right repair parts. Appliances are the same. See this guide for help.

Hotpoint Parts

Do you have a home appliance that is looking run down or is in need of a repair? At we've got the parts to help you get your appliance fixed and looking shiny and new. We carry original equipment manufactured parts from all of the most popular names in appliances, so you can be sure that the part your order is designed specifically to fit your appliance. With EAP you can easily return any part and all two million repair parts come with a warranty. If you have a question or concern about ordering an appliance part, email or telephone our customer service team and they will be happy to help you.

Hotpoint is a line of appliances manufactured by General Electric, and we supply the replacement parts to repair them. If you need an appliance part to get your Hotpoint washer, dryer or other appliance working again, you can easily order them from us at We offer secure online shopping, and you can also order from us via email or telephone. We have a comprehensive list of OEM Hotpoint parts that are made specifically for your appliances make and model. On the same day that you order your parts, we ship them out of our warehouse in Canada, so you're not stuck with any extra duty or customs charges.