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Heat is escaping from my Oven Door:

  1. If broiling, the door must be left slightly ajar, and some heat escaping into the room Is normal.
  2. If baking, make sure the door is completely closed.
  3. Check the door to make sure it is aligned properly.
  4. Check the glass in the door for leaks or breakage. If the glass is broken, replace it. (see Steps 8 & 9) If the seal around the door is leaking follow Steps 8 & 9 and replace the seal.
  5. Check the door gasket seal for cracks or damage. If it is damaged, replace it. (see Steps 8 & 9)
  6. If yours is a model with the gasket attached to the oven opening rather than to the door, check it for breaks or leaks. If you need to replace the gasket, read your owner's manual very carefully as you may need to open the back of your oven and loosen the oven liner to replace the gasket.
  7. Check the door hinges and springs for damage. Remove the door from the hinge assembly (see Step 8) if it is damaged, replace it. The springs on the hinge assembly are very strong and can hurt you if you do not use caution when working around them.
  8. To remove the door from the hinge assembly:
    1. In most cases the door may be removed by positioning the door slightly ajar (in the broiler operating position) and lifting the door up and off the hinge assembly.
    2. Check your owner's manual for access:
      1. For some models you may have to first remove screws holding the door to the hinge.
      2. For some models, access to the hinge assembly is through the broiler or storage drawer.
      3. For some models, access is gained through the side panel.
  9. To dismantle the door:
    1. When dismantling the door for gasket or glass replacement:
      1. Remove the door edge trim and the screws. Keep careful note of every part as you dismantle the unit, in order to ensure that you are able to put it back together again. Read your owner's manual very carefully to make sure that you are following their recommended procedures.
      2. Some doors are very complex. Great care must be taken to ensure you can reassemble the unit. If you have any doubt, have a professional complete the task.