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How Range and Oven Accessories Work:


A rotisserie is a 110-volt motor that cooks meat in the oven by rotating it slowly on an electric spit. The motor drives the spit through a gear train to ensure meat cooks evenly.

Meat Probe

A meat probe is the combination of a thermometer and a variable resistor, called a thermistor. The probe is placed in meat to measure its internal temperature. When the meat reaches a set internal temperature, the thermistor reaches a predetermined resistance and an alarm sounds or the oven cycles on and off to maintain the temperature. Meat probes are included with some oven models and are typically set on a separate low voltage control circuit to prevent shock.

Clocks and Timers

Clocks and timers operate on a 110-volt circuit to track time and measure cooking and cleaning time. An oven's thermostat controls are often wired through the timer so it is important to examine and possibly reset the timer if the oven has no heat. Testing clocks and timers is much like testing a switch block, except the switches open and close mechanically by cams inside the timer. To determine which terminals are connected when a switch closes, follow the wiring diagram, then place a resistance meter across the terminals and move the clock forward to see if the switch opens and closes. If the clock motor does not run, or the switches do not open and close, you must replace the timer. To do this, mark the wires to determine which terminal they correspond with and change each wire individually.

Door Locking Mechanism

The door locking mechanism on self-cleaning ovens ensures that the door remains closed while the oven is on high. The lock engages after the manual lock is set and the temperature rises above 550 degrees. It remains on until the temperature dips below 550, to prevent anyone from opening the oven.Door locks may be a bimetal, solenoid or a very low RPM electric motor that rotates. As the locking system engages, it throws switches that prevent it from energizing until the cool-down thermostat indicates the oven has cooled sufficiently.


A thermostat is a valve that opens and closes in response to the temperature it senses. Ovens may have several different thermostats including a cleaning thermostat, a cool-down thermostat and a high-limit thermostat to prevent overheating. The main thermostat body is located in the main control panel.