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How Convection Ovens Work:

Convection ovens dramatically speed up the cooking process. The key difference between a convection oven and a regular oven is the movement of air. A convection oven uses a fan to circulate the air inside the oven, thus speeding up the cooking process.The idea behind this concept is simple. If the air is still, the heat will not flow from the air to your food as quickly as if it were circulated. Keep in mind that a regular oven does have some air movement, but not as substantial as the amount of air movement generated buy the fan in a convection oven (which is why one should not block the air vents on the bottom of a regular oven by using aluminum foil to line the bottom).In addition to supplying air movement within the oven, the fan within a convection oven also draws air over the motor, to keep it from over heating.

Some important points to consider when working with a convection oven:

  • Physics tells us that air moves from an area with a higher temperatureto an area of lower temperature. Therefore, the farther apart the temperatures are, the faster the heat will flow and the faster food will be cooked.
  • Heat flows from one object to another until both of the objects are at a uniform temperature.
  • Air is an excellent insulator but a poor conductor of heat.

*Keep these points in mind when dealing with your convection oven, to maximize the benefits of this efficient cooking method.