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How Ovens Work:

The standard oven is normally a straight forward appliance to operate and maintain. It contains large resistor wires that are capable of generating substantial amounts of heat. These wires are usually nichrome with ceramic insulation. In an oven, an electrical current flows through the wiring and the selector switch, then through the thermostat and finally through the elements, which are also known as resistor wires.Typically, there are two sets of elements inside the oven. The top element is used for broiling food and the lower element is used for baking. In some models, the bake and broil element are employed at the same time when heating the oven.Unlike a stove or cook top, an oven's temperature is controlled by a thermostat. The thermostat regulates the temperature within the unit by turning the elements on and off as determined by the settings chosen on the oven selector switch and the temperature control dial.

A few notes when working with your oven:
  • Always follow your instruction manual when servicing your oven.
  • When using the broil feature of your oven, leave the door ajar.
  • Avoid using aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven or on the racks. Doing so can block the natural flow of heat through the oven and result in reduced performance.